Imagine London on a mid-November monday morning with it barely light, howling a gale, freezing cold and bucketing down with rain and you have the scene when my bus arrives back in Buenos Aires today after a 10-hour journey from Cordoba.
Rebooking into the Buenos Aires hostel I am greeted by the sight of a dorm that quite literally resembles a refugee camp. There are 18 characters wrapped in what look like horse blankets, to protect them from the cold - steam filling the air from their collective snoaring - and to make matters even more surreal a bunch of Israeli soldiers are amongst their number, chattering away. I hope they don't start randomly shooting people dead for no reason.
I climb up onto my top bunk and drag the sheets and horse blanket up over my head. I could throw myself to my death off the top bunk and end all this but perhaps that is a bit extreme.

Feeling a bit better for my kip I take the Buenos Aires metro two lines and make my way to the press centre. I've still got my stolen cash disaster fresh in my mind as I turn the corner to the press centre and suddenly get a blow in the private parts. A huge Great Dane dog has jumped up at me and knocked me to the street. It never rains but it pours as they say. Hope the weather and my fortunes improve soon.