Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As well as the lads who I might travel out to Euro 2012 with, I have also heard today from a couple of the friends I met at the Copa America in Argentina in 2011. Danish Niklas and German Andreas will both be in Ukraine in June, Niklas apparently working as a 'Media Runner' for UEFA. Another friend from Latvia, Martins, is also working in Ukraine for UEFA, so it seems like plenty of us are heading south east this summer.Whatever the football serves up, a memorable hedonistic summer is a given.
Thursday, January 19, 2012

UEFA contacted me and sorted out the rogue password. Managed to submit my accreditation request before tomorrow's deadline for a handful of the matches in Ukraine. Fingers crossed they will approve my accreditation. It certainly made life easier in Argentina having a press accreditation for the Copa America. Really appreciated how well the Argentine Football Federation treated me and my other friends and colleagues who travelled to South America from Europe to watch the tournament last summer.

Feeling a bit rough today. Went out for dinner with one of my best mates, Rupert, and then a female friend sent me a text persuading me to meet her at a club in Riga. 
A young Latvian lad asked me the way to the city's French bar when I was on my way home, battling a snowstorm. It turned out he hadn't been in Riga for a long time because he's been living in my home city in England. We were laughing at me being from Leicester and living in Riga and him being from Riga and living in Leicester. Crazy world.
Home at four. Mid-week clubbing is never really a clever idea. It was good at the time though...