Thursday, January 26, 2012

Camper Van Nick might be joining our gang for the 2012 Euros. Nick who, you might remember, drove myself, Columbian Rich, Geordie Robin and Swiss Fabio around South Africa in his camper van in 2010, is seriously considering a trip out to Ukraine. He was in Riga last weekend escaping the delights of Bolton for a few days. It is fair to say he ended his first trip to Latvia looking like a broken man after three nights of partying. Apparently, he was so hammered on the bus back to the airport that he got off two kilometres before the terminal and had to walk to Riga International Airport through a field. 

Last night I also met a good friend called Christophe who used to live in Riga but now resides in London. Christophe is planning to sail from Stockholm to Africa in late spring. If he does I will certainly link this website to his for anybody who wants to follow what should be an epic adventure.

Minus 10 in Riga now. Website traffic going very well with nearly 600 unique visitors yesterday. Continuing to optimize More Than a Game ahead of this summer's Euros.

Riga Nights...