Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past week. It was time for a short spring break and an internet-free few days.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in England, which has helped focus the mind on this summer and the upcoming European Championships. Incredibly, England remain without a national manager and Glenn Hoddle is the latest name to be put forward for the role of caretaker manager. Hoddle told the Independent newspaper at the weekend that if he were to die tomorrow 'his life would be incomplete' in reference to his previous stint as England manager and a desire to manage the team once more. 

For many fans now it is no longer so much a case of who the next England manager will be but more about England actually having a manager. Let's remind the English FA of one not insignificant fact: the 2012 European Championships begin in just over 10 weeks! Surely, it is time for a coach to be appointed to the role.

Whoever the next England coach is, he'd do well to include Peter Crouch in his Euro 2012 squad. Crouch scored a contender for goal of the season for Stoke against Manchester City at the weekend and it is not as if this was the first world-class volley the lanky striker has scored in his career. England have a real problem with a lack of international experience from their current crop of front men and perhaps Crouch, almost totally overlooked by Fabio Capello, is a good wild card to include in the national squad. 22 goals in 42 England appearances says it all. After all, the 'legendary' Wayne Rooney has only scored 6 more international goals than Crouch and that's from having played 73 times for his country.

photo (c) wikimedia commons & Micky
Will Clarence the Clown be named the new England head coach?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sources close to the English Football Association believe that England's football governing body is close to naming the new coach of the England national football team following the February 8 resignation of Fabio Capello. 

With calls from the English press to appoint an Englishman to the job, it seems likely that Clarence the Clown is the best qualified man for the job and will be named the new head coach in the coming days.

If appointed, Clarence the Clown will not be the first high profile English clown to coach the England team with Graham 'Do i not like that' Taylor (1990-93) and Steve 'The Wally with the Brolly' McClaren (2006-07) bringing their unique individual blends of fun and tomfoolery to the England side during their tenures. 
Friday, February 3, 2012

There was more bad news for the England national football team on Friday after Arsenal confirmed that Jack Wilshire has a new stress fracture in his right foot and is unlikely to play in Ukraine and Poland at Euro 2012.
20-year-old Wilshire is considered by many to be the best young English midfielder of his generation and would likely have featured prominently in Fabio Capello's Euro plans.