More Than a Game will begin its Euro 2012 adventure in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv
Photo (c) Jan Mehlic

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In the space of a couple of days, Euro 2012 seems to have changed from a 'concept' we have all been discussing for several months to a real event that is only a few weeks off. It is almost as if we have all finally woken up from the winter, - the English FA included - dusted off our maps of Ukraine and Poland, and started emailing all our friends and contacts to see who is planning to go where...and when.

Sadly, three of the 'stars' from South Africa 2010 - Geordie Robin, Blackburn and Colombian Rich - won't be travelling out to Ukraine but, hopefully, Camper Van Nick might join ten days in to the tournament.  

More Than a Game will begin our Euro 2012 in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv, with our first match the eagerly anticipated clash between the two highly talented teams of Germany and Portugal. 

In Lviv we are hoping to meet up with two German friends from the Argentina Copa America: Nuremberg Charles and Copa America Andy. They will be among the 20,000 or so Germans travelling to Ukraine for the tournament.

Looks like we have accommodation in the bag for the two nights before the Germany v Portugal game but all of the city's hotels are completely booked out for June 9. The best offer we've had for a hostel bed thus far for June 9 is 50 euro. You must be joking if you think we are going to cash out nearly fifty quid to sleep in a 16-bed dormitory! We are not dorm-mented!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv will host three matches during UEFA Euro 2012:
Germany v Portugal (June 9)
Denmark v Portugal (June 13)
Denmark v Germany (June 17)

This western Ukrainian city might possibly rate as Europe's most beautiful undiscovered city.