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Friday, February 10, 2012

With Stuart Pearce named as the England caretaker manager for the February 29 friendly with Holland, sections of the British press have already turned on the former England player. Those bastions of morality - the Sun and the Daily Mail - run with stories alleging that Pearce's brother is a member of a far-right political party (the BNP) and point out that Pearce was accused of racist remarks against former England team mate Paul Ince in 1994.

Leading with the headlines: 'England in race storm number 2' and 'After race row topples Capello, FA forced to defend Pearce over 1994 slur' the two papers remind their 'readers' that Pearce and Ince clashed during a match between Manchester United and Nottingham Forest in the mid-90s.

Pearce played 78 times for his country and only retired from the international game when he was 37. More Than a Game was lucky enough and indeed privileged to spend time working with Stuart Pearce in Nottingham back in 1996 during the Euro '96 football championships. The suggestions that Mr Pearce is a racist are absurd. Meanwhile, the British press continues to destroy England's national football team in the run up to Euro 2012.