Friday, March 16

While it is not unusual for men in a number of European countries to urinate in a darkened corner of a street or behind a tree when they are 'taken short', the citizens of many western European countries are often surprised to discover that this kind of behaviour in eastern Europe is not only frowned upon but can lead to massive fines, public outcry and even time in prison.

Quite why the good people of eastern Europe get so upset at the news that a foreigner has urinated behind a tree in one of their parks is hard to explain but foreign football fans visiting Poland this summer for Euro 2012 should perhaps be aware that they could face up to two years in prison for 'defacing' a national monument or urinating in public. 

The Irish Daily Star reports the case of two speedway fans who are now in prison after doing nothing more than hanging a scarf around a statue of Jesus in a Polish town.