Wednesday, April 4, 2012

While each and every day we discover that governments and shadowy organisations around the world continue to harvest information about us all via CCTV cameras, internet surveillance and biometrics, the news that Polish authorities do not have a list of foreign football hooligans, banned from their respective countries, might come as a bit of a surprise with Euro 2012 only two months away.

Poland's National Audit Chamber confirmed this week that Polish Police have not yet put together a database of convicted and banned foreign hooligans. Apparently, Polish authorities have thus far been concentrating all of their efforts on tracking Poland's known hardcore hooligans, who are believed to total around 5,000.

Perhaps the Poles should get on the phone to Big Brother. As he is obsessively tracking the movements and actions of the hundreds of millions of law abiding European citizens, surely he has a list of known hooligans that he can turn over to the Polish authorities?