Friday, February 17, 2012

With many football fans put off from travelling to Ukraine Euro 2012 because of the reported high prices of accommodation, the message from More Than a Game is: shop around, be patient and don't panic. 

It has been our experience from all past major tournaments that local hoteliers will, of course, jack up their accommodation prices prior to a FIFA World Cup or a UEFA European Championships in the hope that visiting supporters will be willing to pay whatever is asked of them.

Many supporters will already have foolishly bitten the bullet and cashed out 300 euro per night for an apartment in Kyiv; others sadly will have abandoned their original plans to travel to the Euro tournament. But, for those fans who are yet to book any accommodation in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv, try to remember that many fans and corporate guests will cancel their hotels (as they always do) just prior to the tournament, freeing up thousands of rooms in the process that hotel and guest house owners will then struggle to fill.

While most sites on the Internet offering accommodation are still asking astronomical prices, there are sites such as where you will find the odd gem, especially if you are willing to base yourself in satellite towns close to the host cities during the tournament.

The best site we have so far found on the Internet for accommodation in Ukraine is run by travel experts TUI. Putting in a random search for 'Donetsk' for 3 nights between June 12-15, we found accommodation available for as low as 40 euro per night for two people sharing a double room in Donetsk. Try for the dates you are looking for and you may strike lucky. The company boasts that they have 32,000 places in Kyiv alone.

Euro organisers will also be providing extra accommodation options in 'tented cities' during the Euros. So, whether you manage to book your accommodation in advance or decide to leave it until you are 'on the ground' in Ukraine, there is certainly no need to panic about Ukrainian bunk beds....well not just yet anyway.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It has been revealed that 13 of the 16 teams participating at Euro 2012 have chosen to base themselves in Poland rather than Ukraine. And with one of those three non-Poland based teams being Ukraine itself, it means that only Sweden and France have elected to base their training headquarters in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that Krakow is hosting no matches during the tournament, both Holland and England have decided to base themselves in the Polish cultural capital. Second favourites Germany will be based right up on the Baltic Sea coast in Gdansk, meaning the team will have to make a 3,000-kilometre return trip for their group match in Kharkiv.