Zambia: Champions of Africa!

Monday, February 13, 2012

This might be a blog about the upcoming European Championships but mention must be made today of Zambia's terrific achievement of being crowned champions of Africa.
Zambia beat the heavily fancied Ivory Coast in the final of the African Nations Cup, played in Libreville, Gabon on February 12.

To understand the true meaning of this victory we need to remind ourselves of the fact that 18 members of the Zambian national football team died in the very same city where this match was played, in an horrific plane crash back in 1993. That accident happened as the Zambian national team was en route to Senegal to play a world cup qualifier. 

The 2012 African Cup of Nations final ended 0-0, with the Zambians holding their nerve with an 8-7 penalty kick win.

More Than a Game and 'TheShirt2010' had the pleasure of meeting the Zambian national team in 2010 close to the remarkable Victoria Falls on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border. The Zambian Football Federation also supported Bjorn Heidenstrom's 'TheShirt2010' project by providing a shirt signed by the national team and gave us a guided tour of the federation's headquarters in Lusaka.

Click on this link to read about when More Than a Game met the Zambian national football team; the little known team that went on to become the next champions of Africa.

Zambian national football team, Livingstone, Zambia 2010

Photo (C) Justin Walley 2010