Monday, July 30, 2012

Making decent progress with the first draft of the book for 'More Than a Game'. The idea is to retell the story of Africa 2010, The 2011 Copa America, the 2011 New Zealand Rugby World Cup and, of course, the 2012 European Championships all within the pages of one printed book. I am using a lot of the original blog material plus plenty of personal thoughts that weren't included online in the More Than a Game blogs.
Starting to look into printing costs as will likely self-publish and market the book myself using this website. Hope to get some initial publishing costs later this week.

Was the hottest day in Latvia's history yesterday - 36 degrees. A couple of days earlier I managed to get a lung-full of tear gas prior to Skonto Riga v Hajduk Split. Rather ironic that I got through Euro 2012 without a single incident of hooliganism, only to be confronted by a firm of 100 Croat nutters on an otherwise quiet Thursday evening in Riga. They attacked the police with chairs and fireworks before the police responded with teargas. I inhaled the teargas as I approached Skonto stadium, nosily attempting to see what was occurring between the Croats and the local police. A few days earlier, several hundred Polish hooligans travelled up to Liepaja, on Latvia's west coast, and caused absolute mayhem in the name of Legia Warsaw. Football hooliganism is almost unheard of in Latvia. It is of course one of the most famous exports from Poland and Croatia.

Will keep you posted about the book in the coming weeks.

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